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Approval of Our Constitution

29 July 2021

Exciting News!

We are delighted to announce that on Monday 26th July 2021, the Working Group met, and after almost three hours of intense discussion, approved the final draft of our Constitution.  Pending final sign off from our lawyers, this will be the founding document of our stage management association here is Australia.

To build on the foundations that are now in place, the Working Group has elected the following member to the initial Board of Directors:

Chair: Kate Middleton-Olliver (NSW)

Secretary & Public Officer: Adam J. Lowe (VIC)

Treasurer: Ingrid Rahlén (TAS)

Directors: Erin Coubrough (WA), Will Lewis (VIC), Carly O’Neill (QLD), Melanie Selwood (SA) and Lillian Hannah U (NSW).

Congratulations to these members on their appointments!

With Thanks

The Board would like to thank the following Working Group members: Laura Hansford, Steph Kamasz, Darren Kowacki, Françoise Piron and Rex Rees for their valuable contributions to date.

A massive thank you must also go to Jessica Markabawi and the team at Jaramer Legal who have spent many hours reviewing our Constitution and providing legal guidance on the complex matters within this document.

We also thank two donors who have generously contributed $1000 each to cover the costs involved with our incorporation.

What You Can Expect Next

Once the incorporation process is completed, the Board will build the next layer of our organisation – our policies, procedures and systems.

The work will require us to raise funds, and we hope to shortly be in a position to welcome new members in to the association to help with this.

We know many wanted this organisation set up quickly to provide support coming out of COVID-19. In 1991, there were efforts made to start a stage management association in Australia and subsequent attempts have also sadly not gained momentum. This time we are determined to succeed

We see this as a long-term endeavour, not simply a response to COVID-19, and we’ve been working as fast as possible to build a strong foundation to allow our organisation to provide for our community long into the future.

Support For All

We also want to recognise the immense uncertainty and hardship experienced by our community during this time and share the below resources for anyone in our industry struggling right now.

The Support Act Wellbeing Helpline: 1800 959 500

The Support Act Wellbeing Helpline is a free, confidential phone counselling service, available 24/7 to anyone anywhere in Australia working in the music, performing arts, or other creative industries. They also offer dedicated support services for First Nations people.

If you would like to speak with a clinician of a particular age, gender, religion, race, sexuality, political bias or any other diverse background or experience, please let the team know when you call.

If you prefer not to speak on the phone, there is also an email form on their website.

The Arts Wellbeing Collective also has a range of excellent resources via their website.

The Arts Wellbeing Collective is a preventative health initiative from Arts Centre Melbourne that aims to provide services and resources to support positive mental health in our industry. Their website includes a range of resources such as videos, articles, and podcasts from industry practitioners and experts who understand our industry.

Assistance from your Employer

If you are currently employed or are stood down, find out if your employer offers an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), what support this provider can give you, and how you can access this service.

Also ask if your employer is introducing Paid Pandemic Leave, or even Vaccination Leave.

This pandemic has had a huge impact on our industry and all our lives.

Please remember to be kind to yourselves, stay safe and know that help is always available.

We thank you again for your patience and ongoing support and we look forward to welcoming you as new members in the not-too-distant future!